New Steel

This Sonett had been in an accident. I knew this when I got it from my friend but only recently did I realize how altered the front of chassis was. After pondering 0n wether or not to replace or repair, I decided to quite finagling stuff into almost the right place and just go ahead and make it from the beginning. So I cut out all the bent up steel and straightened the front with jacks, pulleys and precisely placed jumps. I then welded up a new rectangle out of rectangle stock. It’s absolutely square and super strong. Here are before and after pictures. IMG_1066.JPG




One thought on “New Steel

  1. Great photo archive of your impressive collision repair.
    Having seen it first hand and with 30 years in the auto body repair trade I can say it’s every bit as good a repair as you say it is.
    If I was hiring now I’d pick you up pronto.


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