Engine Mounts

I’ve made a couple engine mounts using Solid Works and the CNC plasma cutter at Hampshire. Very cool equipment. One thing I’ve learned is to use a bigger piece of steel just so it doesn’t move around when the plasma cutter “touches off.”

Here are some pics of the pieces I’ve made. Cardboard prototypes of course, Donna.

Before I could make these mounts I had to do some research and a lot of measuring. I asked around online about the position of the transmission in a stock Sonett. I got an answer. I also looked at a friend’s Sonett and took measurements there. Lastly, after holding everything in the place I wanted with 5 straps and various blocks of wood/rolls of tape, I installed the shift linkage and made sure it will shift in the place it is. Check! Everything worked out and I turned the cardboard models into computer models and those into metal.



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