Mid-Year Retrospective

I have been working on the Electric Sonett project for four months now. I have played many parts in its development and shepherded the car around a couple times. My involvement has been tremendous and steadily increased through the semester. But despite all my hard work, the project has still so far to go.

First I removed all of the remaining gasoline components. Gas tank, tailpipes, fuel lines, engine wiring harness, etc..

Then I carefully removed all of the interior to keep it safe from cutting, sparks, welding, paint… a list of chemicals. Bare bones now, I could easily see the damage that 40 years had done to the Sonett. I cut out so much rusty metal and replaced it with new steel. I planned. I planned. I planned.

I talked with people about body work, I talked with people about electric cars, old cars, old Swedish cars, old Swedish electric cars. Turns out several people have converted this exact car. One of the biggest things I’ve learned during this project is how to network and find people to answer my questions.

Now, during this winter break I am picking away at hundreds of small tasks that pop up. I’ve replaced the front rectangle that served as the bumper mount but was damaged in a crash. I made motor mounts, welded in a 4 foot long patch for the bottom of the passenger side rocker panel, and continued to chase down more rust.

Sometimes I’m not excited to go out to the garage, but almost everyday I leave feeling satisfied and accomplished.

I’m learning by trial and error, but the only error would be not to try.


This is part of a photo from a Saab Sonett ad. I gotta get me some of those pants.


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