Welding Cast Aluminum

Yesterday I realized that my transmission had a crack in it. Luckily it was in a small and easily removed plate that covers the gears. I removed this and degreased the whole thing. I welded it up with the TIG. It was a bit trickier than the practice piece that I created to replicate the crack and get good at fixing it before I dove in. This is because the transmission is cast aluminum. My weld does hold water, so it will do its job, but it doesn’t look amazing and the aluminum sagged on the inside so I had to grind it down a bit because it was hitting the shifting rod.


2 thoughts on “Welding Cast Aluminum

  1. Hey, is that gizmo to the right of your cover a freewheel control?

    Oil is a lot thinner than water. Put SAT 5 instead of water…heat it to 180 degrees
    and see if it leaks. Looks pretty good though!!


    1. Yeah! That is the freewheel control. I won’t be needing that anymore. That would ruin my regen braking!
      Turns out that this whole transmission needs a rebuild. I will be getting another one.


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