Long Time No Post

I’m baaaack. I’ve been hard at work and then sick and then hard at work again. I’ve accomplished many things but still don’t know what I’m doing about batteries. I have decided to use the Sonett transmission and I’ve begun the process of adapting it to my electric motor. This is a fun process. I got to use the lathe a bunch last night, which is much more fun than body work. I don’t know how to use solid works yet so I’m designing the adapter plate with CAD (cardboard aided design).


4 thoughts on “Long Time No Post

    1. I am on the fence about the transmission. These transmissions are notoriously difficult. They are hard to work on and require parts that are no longer manufactured. A transmission rebuild for one of these cars runs about $2,400 and up depending on how many custom parts one needs. Do I really want to incorporate such an expensive part in my design? Given that it is prone to failure under original conditions, I am nervous about the future. My electric motor is not significantly more powerful than the original so there is still potential here if I can find a transmission in good condition.

      Original V4 1,500 cc engine: 65 max hp and about 115 max Nm of torque
      My electric motor: 74 max hp and about 120 max Nm of torque.


  1. Come on! Nothing is more fun than body work.
    And body work only requires the cardboard version of CAD.
    If you have some hours to play around, you can teach yourself SolidWorks or Inventor.
    They’re pretty intuitive.
    Especially for someone like you who isn’t afraid to pick up a TIG torch on cast Al.
    Nice job! Doesn’t matter that it’s not pretty.


    1. Hahah! Thanks for the words of encouragement, Richard. If you are interested I would love to show you what I’m up to during my winter break. I’ll be around for the end of December and early January.


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