Electric Motor

I opened up the back of the casing to my motor yesterday and found the controller, DC/DC converters, and a sweet liquid-cooled heat-sink. There are two HUGE capacitors in there rated at 480 volts. I’m pretty excited to play around with this thing. (I’m making sure not to electrocute myself, don’t worry mom.) One thing I am concerned about is arc flash. At these voltages, and with capacitors this size there is potential for a large and devastating arc flash that could severely burn, deafen, blind or even kill me. I will be wearing all of my safety goggles from now on.

I need to make a couple decisions about this motor. Do I remove the computer stuff and replace it with my own? do I try to find someone to help me figure out a software hack on the thing? Food for thought. Good stuff.

I’m excited. More info coming soon.


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