Help Fund Me!

I’ve been hard at work and very productive. My motor and some switches have arrived and I’ve begun to learn about the process of adapting this motor to my particular project. I continue to be very excited to build this car but I’m running into financial constraints.

I’ve created a GoFundMe campaign.

I am asking for money to help fund my senior thesis project, which is learning about electric vehicles, building an electric car, and teaching others along the way. I have a 1974 Saab Sonett that I want to turn into an electric car for two reasons. First, I want to reduce my carbon footprint. Second I want to teach other people how to do it too, so they can go green!
Funding will be used to pay for the batteries, motor, computer, wires, switches and everything else that an electric car needs. I believe I can make an electric car that will go as far as production model EVs for less money than a new car, and I want to show you how too.
As more electric vehicles are coming to market, I think it is important that no one gets left out of this transportation evolution. Those who cannot afford to buy new cars should have equal opportunity for travel. I believe that this project will help make my dream a relality as I will be able to teach others how to build their own electric cars.
This is very important to my education, and my personal goals after college. It would mean so much to me if people came together to support a better future through green technology and helped me to play an important role in that.


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