Still fixing up the old Sonett! Above you can see where I cut out a big section in the chassis that was full of holes. I welded in a thick patch and painted it thoroughly. That should last another 40 years or so!

I am also working on the funding aspect of my project. I am writing grant proposals for three different grants through Hampshire college right now, the Timothy Harkness Fund for Invention from the interdisciplinary arts department and the Dr. Lucy Fund and the Samuel Morris fund from the Natural Sciences department. This project is just the kind of thing that these foundations are looking for right now, so with any luck and the right linguistic spin, I have a good shot at them all.

The Electric Sonett project, although complex and expensive, will be absolutely crucial for my studies here at Hampshire. The hands-on experience of building this electric car is the most effective way for me to learn and develop my skills with electric vehicles, which are my passion.

Also, check it out! (Link) Saab is reinventing itself with new electric cars!


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