Divest from Fossil Fuels: it’ll make you money!

Fossil fuels are entering their final days. They are no longer a financially sound investment! As people around the globe are realizing that their financial portfolios are tied to climate change, they are pulling investments from the old industry and reinvesting in cleaner technologies. The oil era is ending, here is the age of renewables. 

What does this mean for the electric car?
We are going to have an explosion of new EVs entering the market at really competitive prices. EV components and batteries are also going to see a drop in price and an increase in quality.

For those who are interested in building their own electric cars, this is a financially smart investment and is always getting better. My goal in the next few years is to share the knowledge that I am gaining through my own Electric Sonett conversion with other builders and to inspire a DIY revolution.

I believe that the conversion of older cars is an ecologically and economically smart decision and one that I want to help others to make.

To learn about all the big names that are divesting from fossil fuels check out this article.


I got the image from this URL



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