DIY. Three letters that mean so much to me. Doing it myself is more than a way to get better stuff for less money. Doing it myself enhances my understanding of a thing and thus doing it myself allows me to fix it myself. My goal in the Electric Sonett project is to understand each piece of equipment at its most fundamental level. From the electrical components in my controller to the hardware in the car’s control arms, I intend to study each unique piece. To accomplish this, I am learning everything from classic auto-mechanics to electrical engineering. By the end of this project I will be able to upgrade the suspension, do a brake job, diagnose and fix the entire electrical system and service every other issue that arrises.

For me DIY means autonomy. It means breaking the bonds that tie me to someone else for help. It means freedom.

What does DIY mean to you? Let me know in the comments section below.


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