The Ideal Car!

As the fall semester approaches I am growing excited. I have chosen to do an electric conversion on a 1974 Saab Sonett III. This is the perfect car for an electric conversion because of a few factors. First and foremost, the body of this car is made of fiberglass, which is lightweight and doesn’t degrade in salty New England winters. The car only weighs about 1,300 lbs right now without an engine, transmission, gas tank or exhaust system! I won’t need that stuff! Secondly, the car is so old that passing inspection will be a cinch!

The project will be divided into two main parts. The first part is the restoration and reinforcement of the old Saab to get it ready for an electric system. The second will be to build and install the electronics that hide under the hood. The biggest challenge of this will be to build the speed control from scratch. The type of batteries and the exact motor that I use will depend on how much financial support I can raise in the next seven months.

I am so thrilled to be diving headlong into such an involved project. I believe that building this system will provide an invaluable learning experience that will open doors to the future.


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